How do Anti-Cheats work and How can I avoid getting Banned

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    What Is an "Anti-Cheat, AC"?

    Anti-Cheats are what Video Game companies use to stop "Cheats" from giving players unfair advantages in Video Games.

    What is a Cheat?

    Using the following is deemed to give an unfair advantage and thus will be considered unacceptable and is deemed a "Cheat":
    • Cheats/Hacks (including skin changers, cheat loaders/drivers)
    • Use of any exploits to bypass the Anti-Cheat protection
    • Use of any (game) exploits to gain an unfair advantage (e.g. removing textures to see through walls, removing smoke grenades, ...)
    • Attempts to debug or modify said Anti-Cheat
    • Use of Virtual machine or any other method which mask behavior
    How do Anti-Cheats work?

    Typically an Anti-Cheat will work by searching for abnormalities in the Game or Servers memory space, Some Anti-Cheats are different some work like Anti-Virus and scan files and look for things that may try to interfere with the games logic. There are many types of Anti-Cheats and all of them work completely different to others, and will not give out much/any information on how they work

    How do Cheats work?

    Most Cheats work by editing the games memory OR sending the games memory out to another program that provides assistance.

    What about Aimbot or ESP?! This is simple/complex Somewhere in the games memory is the X,Y, and Z location of each player all the cheat does is send this information out to the Aimbot, This is the simple way to look at it.

    So how do I avoid getting Banned?!

    This answer is Simple, Don't Cheat and play fair, How ever if you would like to minimize the chance of a Ban there are a few things you can do.

    Use 100% external software this Minimizes the chance of getting banned to a very very small chance the only way to get banned by using this type is by a very good, or intrusive Anti-Cheat OR By Manual ban from the Games developers

    Use Private hacks, Private hacks are very hard to get a hold of, or to Buy into typically a GOOD hack will sell around $200 a month this is to Avoid Bans

    Make your own cheat, This is the least viable out of all 3 options due to it being the hardest, It takes a VERY long time to learn how to code fluently and by no Means should you learn to code just for the purpose of cheating, otherwise it's a wasted skill!

    Sources, Face-IT, Battle EYE, Valve, PunkBuster

    Please feel free to correct any errors in the comments!!
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