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    Trigger Bot Issues

    My Trigger Won't shoot?!
    Be sure you set your in-game brightness to 63-65 from

    Set Screen mode to Full-screen Borderless

    Use Cactus Trigger it's the most refined and best!!

    You should increase the cactus value.

    A good starting place for trigger is 2.0 if that doesn't work decrease and increase the values by 0.1
    My Trigger shoots at everything?!

    In this case you should turn the Cactus value down!!

    No Recoil Issues

    My No Recoil won't work?!
    Once again make sure you're playing on Borderless

    Asking people for their settings is useless because your in game settings and dpi are unique to you

    Adjusting the No Recoil can be confusing at first but will become easy
    How to adjust it...

    No recoil plays off a Min-Max value system, The higher the Min-Max the more no recoil BUT you suffer from a shaking screen it's preferred to stay with a low value while playing, A good starting point for no recoil is 13-15 I call it the golden ratio meaning you can adjust down and up from here another one is 23-25

    Why you gotta lie man this cheat doesn't inject into rainbow six meaning battle eye can NOT detect it, If you did get banned maybe next time don't cheat using injected cheats?!

    Yeah I know It's messy and hard to read but some people don't like reading the Wiki, and if they don't understand it hopefully this just helps that little but more
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