Tips to not get scammed

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    Things to look out for and remember:

    - If the vouches all have the same grammar, usernames, recent join dates to a forum that are only like a few months or even a year old it is probably fake accounts/vouches.

    - Don't let your guard down. Even if you've used an undetected hack before it could be detected or broken and the owner could turn into a scammer for profit.

    - More expensive hacks are usually safer than say a cheap cheat, I usually avoid people who sell day keys or weekly keys cause in my experience they're usually detected since so many people are using the cheat.
    - Slotted hacks are usually better too since less people are using the hack.

    - If you're trying to closet cheat I recommend only looking for hacks with esp only rather than esp, aimbot, no recoil because they cost less for having less features and also in my experience those ones are less detectable.

    - People can white knight and share files to Ubisoft, in the past I had an esp hack that I used for 2 months before the cheat shutdown and I got banned because someone who bought it sent the files to Ubisoft and they patched the cheat.

    - Never buy a cheat if they are unwilling to screenshare on discord, skype, etc. If they refuse to screenshare it's highly likely that it's a scam. Videos don't cut it since they could be old footage when it was undetected or stolen footage that's not even theirs which is why you want live footage of them using it so you know its real and undetected.

    - Never use free hacks unless you know what you're doing because 99% of the time they're detected because they have no Battleye bypass and can also have viruses in them.

    - AHK macros are detectable by Battleye unless you use a method to hide its process like AHK hider.

    - Mouse macros like built in Logitech lua macros, bloody mouse macros etc are safe to use because its hidden in your mouse software which doesn't get picked up by Battleye. (I used to make and use logitech macros for myself)
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